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Carmen Howard, RYT200

Carmen is an experienced RYT200 hour certified Yoga instructor. Carmen has lead over 200 Yoga classes focused on beginner to advanced poses, teaching primarily beginner to intermediate level participants. Carmen is in charge of Yoga activities at Legend Oaks, including Aerobic Aqua Yoga (water aerobics) at the pool.

Carmen emphasizes the use of props and belts to ensure proper muscle alignment, stretch and to gain the therapeutic benefits of Yoga poses. She closely evaluates body alignment of each participant, their limitations and adjusts them to gain further flexibility, strength and mobility within a pose. Participants are trained in Bandhas, Kriyas and breathing techniques for optimal body functioning. In addition, Carmen expounds on the Yogic diet and its benefits.

Carmen received her RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification thru Marianne Wells Yoga Alliance Certified School. Carmen is IDEA, AFAA, NOCA  and IHRSA  accredited and she is also CPR certified.

Carmen teaches several classes a week, for adults and children, which include meditation at the end of each class, helping participants to center themselves and be conscious of their subtle body.


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